Children's Farm

Welcome to Hoar Park Children’s Farm. Not only can you see a wide variety of Children’s Pets such as Rabbits and Guinea Pigs, there is also a large selection of various breeds of Poultry, Pygmy Goats, Ducks and Geese, Deer, Sheep and a Kuné Kuné Pig. The Pygmy Goat kids are a hit with the children, as are the newly hatched chickens and ducklings.

The Children’s Farm also has a gift shop and supplies animals and all pet requisites. The latest addition to the shop is everything for the horse/pony keeper with a wide range of foods and sundries now in stock. There is an admission charge to the Children’s Farm. To check out what livestock and animal/pet foods and sundries are available, please Tel: 02476 398334 or check out our web-site.
Hoar Park Children’s Farm.

The Children’s Farm is open 7 days from 10am